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Double Volume

Volume One, The Cash Register Files
Volume Two, The Radio Interview

SEVEN ELEVEN, The Complete Files, is a Double Volume collection of off-beat short stories and stunning graphic visuals wound around a variety of perplexing conspiracies told through a variety of characters. The books are wildly inventive, visually exquisite and culturally relevant. Part adventure story, part mystery, and part catalog of visuals mysteriously received through the cash register. Forensic and visual analysis and interpretation by historians, linguists and scientists uncover meanings that may be of great import to humanity. The multiple voices, writing styles and narratives, which are wide ranging and hilarious at times, collide and accumulate significantly in this timely and scintillating narrative. The conclusion is a shocker.

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It’s impossible to overstate the cultural impact of what we know as the 7Eleven Feed. Once the genetic technicians, the data translators and the research Historians, the group to which I belong, became involved in their respective tasks it was understood by all that this ongoing narrative would unfold for years to come and affect every aspect of daily life. As the work to decipher the Large Panels of data feed material continues, the ultimate significance of these Files expands into unforeseen areas deep inside the patterns of behavioral confrontation on both an intimate and global scale. When the Feeds, we now refer to as the LARGE PANEL FEEDs, were discovered to contain hyper-detailed layers of codes and cryptic symbols underneath myriad layers of junk-culture and visual aesthetics the research teams were at first shocked and then overwhelmingly perplexed by the implications of the symbols and cryptic codes. As translation work continued on the layers of symbols the material eventually became pure data which triggered a deeper and more complex appreciation. “We all became extremely aware of the potential the data contained, particularly in the science of genetics and the relationship between genetic coding and social behavior.” Once the decrypting process began to produce results, it was obvious that the LARGE PANEL FEEDs had tremendous implications regarding the very nature of what it is to be a human being in society. 

Included in the Document are artifacts which were left behind in the 7Eleven store after it was eventually cleared. These artifacts fall into two groups; the cash register receipts and the mother-board revision sketches. Obviously a cash register receipt left behind in a 7Eleven would be considered absolutely normal. For this very reason the receipts did not catch the attention of any of the Forensic teams. By accident it was discovered that several of the receipts contained odd or not typical markings. Later in the overall translation process and in particular in the LARGE PANEL FEEDs translation the odd markings would come back into play. They were indeed a type of genetic marker or diagnostic code which would redirect the translation effort and lead directly to the scientific language of Genetics as being the buried content which proved so immensely important. The mother-board sketches are included in the Document for similar reasons. The sketches represent the only material we have which indicate the process used by Akash, one of the artist Designers, to technically modify the cash register which subsequently became the receiver of the various Feeds.

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Well I don’t know what day this is I’ll have to look at my notes. Let me just take a little walk down the old soda pop beer can aisle. Maybe today it’ll be a little different. Maybe there’ll be a little change in the color patterns in the refrigerators. Probably not but it’s worth taking part of my busy schedule to see what’s transpired in the soda pop refrigerator. It’ll take my mind off the frustration of these fucking sit-in jerk offs. You know, I did get a look out there before they news papered all the windows. What a bunch of free-form, back of the bus assholes. One day I will put forth a concerted effort to explicate the meaning embedded in this battle of morons. I don’t know, like I said before I don’t know if the surveillance audio is picking any of this up. Who cares. Certainly I’m not preaching for prosperity. It’s walk and talk or go stir crazy and stick my head in the top of the Slurpee machine. Those fucking assholes. You know, the biggest mistake the Supreme Court ever made, in my opinion, was to throw out all the sterilization laws which could’ve prevented all of this sit-in shit. The court threw out those laws in 1927, it was Buck versus Bell, I remember it well. Well not first hand of course but I did study law at one point before I decided to become a permanent resident of the 7Eleven. The court ruled that the Commonwealth of Virginia could in fact sterilize Carrie Buck, always remember that name, of course later they overthrew the ruling which is the problem. Carrie Buck a 17-year-old girl whose parents committed her to a colony of epileptics and, I would say, the feeble minded. She lived there with her mother and she had a daughter who was 7 months old.

The daughter was declared an imbecile too, and that’s a medical definition. They made a ruling that Carrie had to be sterilized. It was the great Oliver Wendell Holmes who famously put it this way, “three generations of imbeciles are enough”. The little girl Vivian died young. But Carrie survived. She lived to be an old woman, she had what they later claimed was moderate intelligence. She did crossword puzzles and, get this, her sister was also an imbecile and she tried time and time again to have babies but she never did. Then she got evidence, she got proof that they had sterilized her when she wasn’t even looking. Okay I know how that sounds it sounds fucking hard-core. I forget why I was talking about all this. Oh yeah those fucking, imbeciles outside blocking the door. For what? The pro vs. con of some radically unimportant to anyone with a brain, so-called decisive debate about who has the right to have the right about who could possible have the right to claim the 

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